About HER

#HERcollective was created in 2014 by network of women with vision who are creators and facilitators of innovative cross-platform content. We’re a tribe of humble taste makers, striving to bring ideas to creative fruition. Remaining undefined by genre or medium, we approach each project and conversation with strategy, thoughtfulness, wit, and motivation. Elated by inventive challenges, we are authentic, unordinary, and individual.

For all women across the spectrum who desire to make a mark in their world, #HERCollective is an online community of women that provides support, mentorship, and collaborative powers. Unlike other community organizations, HER is a positive collaborative force run by women, for women.

HER Collective exists to:

  1. Present online platforms where women can be heard, seen, and understood. Our primary platform is our webzine but we desire to exist in a wider range of digital-based spaces.
  2. Encourage collaboration and connect women to other women who exist in similar purpose. We believe that empowered women empower women and we won’t withhold accessibility.
  3. Empower women working in their own spaces and amplify their efforts.
  4. Provide mentorship to women pursuing their creative pursuits no matter the medium.

Our founding members call Toronto and Vancouver home, and our contributors offer voices and insights for everywhere around the world and across the spectrum.


Learn more about who we are HERE.