Eat, Love, Pray & Janu


Once purpose is found, it is facilitated through various passions. For Janu, her purpose is love, and she facilitates that purpose through many of her passions, one of them being food. For many, both food and love are taken for granted as the word love is used so frivolously, while food is seen as a basic necessity to survive. Janu challenges those concepts by changing the way we look at both love and food. She uses food to create spaces where loved ones can let the hair down, and not only eat, but share their experiences. Through the use of love with food one is able to understand and be understood, because not only is food for one’s nourishment, but sharing a meal, and nourishing together creates spaces where dialogue can be created. With that same use of love, Janu creates relationships that go from URL interactions to IRL (in real life, see what I did there) meets ups and relationships through the digital space. If the word love had a photo beside it, it would be of Janu in technicolour because she exudes what it is to love, and spread love, and that love is what lead her here to #HERCollective  to share her purpose on a grand scale.


Yaayaa Adams is a 26-year old digital media aficionado and branding genius on the rise. Having first dabbled in social networking sites in her early teens, she later gravitated towards now popular and well known social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As well, Yaayaa is a personality and assistant segment producer on Toronto’s DIY media collective, #GYALCAST, where she and rotating cast of 11 other women discuss identity politics, pop culture, music and everything in between. As a graduate of McMaster’s English program and a recent graduate of Humber College’s Advertising and Marketing program, she has aspirations to harness her skills as she works towards becoming a Creative Director and branding guru.

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