#HERcollective: Rebirth Playlist

The Queen in Formation.

#HERCollective is an online community of women that provides support, mentorship, and collaborative powers. Unlike other community organizations, HERCollective is a positive collaborative force run by women, for women, founded by PR maven Talya Lee in 2014. Since that time HERCollective has gone through many different changes and in 2016 HERCollective is looking fresh, new, innovative, and sassier than ever, and there’s a  soundtrack to accompany this reboot. This playlist is all female featuring icons such as Lil Kim, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Canadian hometown hero Alanis Morissette. Alongside these icons we have: our new age girls that are making their mark in the industry, such as new artist Kiiara and Yemi Alade; our beloved faves MIA and Santigold, with a dash of the ever so controversial and talented Azealia Banks; and rounding it out, the smooth voice of Wild Belle and the incomparable Kelis. This playlist sets the stage for who and what HERCollective is -strong women that are here to takeover one social media post at a time.

This is HERCollective and this is the Rebirth, curated and brought to you by HERCollective’s own Yaayaa Adams, so turn your headphones (or speakers) up and get ready for our musical war cry.

Find it on Apple Music here.



Yaayaa Adams is a 26-year old digital media aficionado and branding genius on the rise. Having first dabbled in social networking sites in her early teens, she later gravitated towards now popular and well known social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As well, Yaayaa is a personality and assistant segment producer on Toronto’s DIY media collective, #GYALCAST, where she and rotating cast of 11 other women discuss identity politics, pop culture, music and everything in between. As a graduate of McMaster’s English program and a recent graduate of Humber College’s Advertising and Marketing program, she has aspirations to harness her skills as she works towards becoming a Creative Director and branding guru.

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