LotusxGang x GYALCAST – Random Act; Phase 1- Self Care & Self Love

LotusxGang is an all female collective based in Toronto, founded by HER Collective member Janu Ys, which seeks to create purpose-driven art. That is, they want to empower anyone that identifies as a woman to reclaim themselves. They’ve come together as storytellers, visual artists and creators of artistic content to do this through various phases of becoming through their output of creativity. With Lotus Gang as a platform, they created a movement called Random Acts.

The first phase of Random Acts worked as a promotion and encouragement of self-love. LUSH Cosmetics on Queen West sponsored this first phase by donating pieces of their ‘Roses All The Way’ soap. LotusxGang in collaboration with GYALCAST wrote notes of encouragement and self-love, which were attached to little packages of soap and donated them to various women’s shelters throughout the GTA – prioritizing Nellie’s Shelter. The community of women being supported by Nellie’s Shelter is made up of those that have left the shelter and are finding their way with help from the shelter itself and its surrounding community.

This first random act was carried out as a reminder that it is more than okay to take time to treat yourself. That self-love and self-care are both extremely and undeniably necessary. It is not selfish to love yourself and prioritize your mental health, well being and overall happiness. It is a much-needed practice. Love all that you are, as you are. & remind the women around you to do the same.

Peace, love, light & good vibes.



Janu is an insouciant writer, an avid reader, a self-proclaimed and highly pretentious food connoisseur, a beauty and skin care zealot, and an all around creative being -flirtatiously dancing between the line separating a minimally aesthetic life and diving headfirst into a world of colour, whilst finessing every would-be run on sentence into a (somewhat) grammatically acceptable one. She uses her personal blog (www.aathma.ca) as a stomping ground to share her thoughts on lifestyle & culture, and #lotusxgang as a platform to create purpose driven art. When she is not creating, she is doing; she is either volunteering her time towards necessary causes (mostly focusing on empowering women) within the GTA, tinkering around with mixed media and various digital outlets to create art and produce content, or she is at home watching documentaries and/or children's animated films. What can we say? She’s a complex girl, living in a complex world.

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