LOTUSxGANG Launches with 2 Visual Capsules

LOTUSxGANG has officially launched a website with two photography series. As covered here before, LOTUSxGANG is an artistic output group that seeks to create purpose-driven pieces, aligns itself with movements of that kind, and give back to our surrounding community.

The name of the collective is inspired by an underground network of womxn in South-East Asia that refer to themselves as flower gangs – choosing a flower of their choice. These womxn do good for their communities, focusing on other womxn as well as children, and also pursue artistic ventures within their respective regions. LOTUSxGANG seeks to start doing that within Toronto and grow to do this on an international level in the near future.


The two capsules that went live yesterday are a sight for sore eyes and spirits in the political state our world is currently in. The first volume of the RECONNECT capsule covers the journey of a refugee’s daughter back to a place called home. In a time where immigrants and refugees are being pushed away, this capsule really sheds light on what happens when those that haven’t had to leave a space, ‘go back’ to it. The following volumes of this capsule will study this journey in more depth.


The first volume of the second capsule, IN BLOOM is a visual love letter to Black womxn. It is an ode to Black History Month which we just parted with as we go into Womxn’s History Month. With International Womxn’s Day right around the corner, IN BLOOM vol. i highlights the joy of sisterhood.


LOTUSxGANG is active on both Twitter & Instagram, and their website can be found here.

Peace, love & good vibes. Always.




Janu is an insouciant writer, an avid reader, a self-proclaimed and highly pretentious food connoisseur, a beauty and skin care zealot, and an all around creative being -flirtatiously dancing between the line separating a minimally aesthetic life and diving headfirst into a world of colour, whilst finessing every would-be run on sentence into a (somewhat) grammatically acceptable one. She uses her personal blog (www.aathma.ca) as a stomping ground to share her thoughts on lifestyle & culture, and #lotusxgang as a platform to create purpose driven art. When she is not creating, she is doing; she is either volunteering her time towards necessary causes (mostly focusing on empowering women) within the GTA, tinkering around with mixed media and various digital outlets to create art and produce content, or she is at home watching documentaries and/or children's animated films. What can we say? She’s a complex girl, living in a complex world.

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