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My fiance calls me an obsessed plant lady and I’m totally okay with it. In fact, I take it as a compliment.  My mom is a horticulturist and I always tagged along on her greenhouse trips when I was younger, but I never appreciated it until my late 20’s. As a morning TV host in Vancouver, my hours are a little different than most. I come home from work every day before lunch, and spend the rest of my afternoon designing my new loft.


Before – Large windows, open loft concept, very spacious. I had a blank canvas to work with. A little boring, no?


After – An urban jungle oasis.


Introducing greenery into your space breathes life into it. It completely changes the vibe of your home or office. (Let’s face it, for us creatives your home & office are the same damn thing). On average, we probably spend at least 9 hours a day in front of a computer or phone screen. I certainly don’t get as much fresh air as I should. Indoor plants purify the air in your home, and tricks your mind into believing you’re in a zen place. The fact is, plants make people happy.



I found these at Canadian Tire for $10.00. Inexpensive and highly effective.

The easiest way to introduce plants into your space is using hanging baskets on the walls. Your eyes are immediately drawn up, making your space appear larger.



Tropical plants add a sense of luxury and drama to any home. In this bright corner, I added a palm. There are many types of palms, but most of them need the same basic care. Palms generally like warm air. Keep them moist, but most don’t let it sit in water. Keep palms in bright spaces.

Hang plants in the kitchen with some pots, pans, and baking instruments.

Some no-fail indoor plants that purify the air include English Ivy, Peace Lily, Boston Fern, Snake Plants and Aloe Vera.



Some of these can be watered only once a week – you can’t lose!

For many of us creatives, it’s hard to remember plant care in-between meetings and events. So what’s the solution? Succulents and lots of cactus plants!



kim-wynn-cacti-succ-2I admit, sometimes I forget these guys for up to a month. AND THEY’RE STILL ALIVE!

Proof from Google:

“During extremely hot weather, some cacti may need to be watered 2 – 3 times per week, depending on the dryness of the soil. During winter months or when plant is dormant, water once a month.”

For more inspiration on turning your space in a an urban jungle, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, @Kim.Wynn. My loft is a non-stop work in progress; keep up with me on the daily!



Kimberly Wynn is on CTV Morning Live in Vancouver. A lover of indoor botanicals, you can find her on Twitter/Snapchat: @kimwynnctv.

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