Purpose, Prose, and Passion with YaaYaa

Part Jay-Z “I just wanna love you”, Part Chance the Rapper’s “No Problem”, and part Destiny’s Child circa 2001 (see: Independent Women), YaaYaa Adams is a headstrong, vibrant beam of light and energy in every room she steps into. Believing and actively living out her belief that one’s career doesn’t necessarily root itself as one’s purpose, she instead uses all her likes and interests to express, garner, and facilitate her love – helping those that need it.

“My purpose is to help people, it’s what I do, it’s what I want to do. I use creativity as a means to facilitate the act of helping those that need it. It’s how I live my life”.

yaayaaWholly accepting that she is an ever-evolving being, has helped her tear down the boxes and labels that society continually places on WoC, and actively live life against the status quo. Jane of all trades, and on the road to mastering them all, she acts as a lowkey catalyst in the Toronto creative scene. She makes it happen – it being whatever it may be. Ultimately, she’s a fashion enthusiast, a branding whiz, a major hip-hop head, and an overall ingenious being who is driven by purpose. She lives to do good for the people around her, and that in turn helps her with her ambitions of successfully maneuvering the creative terrain of Toronto.

If the essence of the dopest party you’ve been to had a baby (dressed in only the finest) with the will to survive and thrive, it would be YaaYaa. End of story. At least, end of the point being made right now.

What you can do is follow the rest of her story and journey on Instagram or Twitter, through GYALCAST, and as well as through our platform as one of our Digital Curators.



Janu is an insouciant writer, an avid reader, a self-proclaimed and highly pretentious food connoisseur, a beauty and skin care zealot, and an all around creative being -flirtatiously dancing between the line separating a minimally aesthetic life and diving headfirst into a world of colour, whilst finessing every would-be run on sentence into a (somewhat) grammatically acceptable one. She uses her personal blog (www.aathma.ca) as a stomping ground to share her thoughts on lifestyle & culture, and #lotusxgang as a platform to create purpose driven art. When she is not creating, she is doing; she is either volunteering her time towards necessary causes (mostly focusing on empowering women) within the GTA, tinkering around with mixed media and various digital outlets to create art and produce content, or she is at home watching documentaries and/or children's animated films. What can we say? She’s a complex girl, living in a complex world.

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