Rebranding Your Blog With SEO In Mind

If you couldn’t attend Spark Sessions, Canada’s foremost beauty & fashion blogger conference, never fear – we’re here to loop you in! I was given the opportunity to  present to about 50 bloggers about how to rebrand their blogs effectively without losing some hard-earned search engine rankings.

Check out my tips in our video recap of the Blog Makeover sessions.

Here are some key things to think about:

  1. Why Are Your Rebranding Your Blog?
  2. Choose a good name, make sure you Google it before you buy your new domain. 
  3. Get techy: talk to a developer to implement 301 redirects.
  4. Reach out and get your PR contacts and readership involved.
  5. Launch (when you usually see your traffic dip)

Have you rebranded your blog or website before? Share any tips with us in the comment section.

(Special thanks to Josh Macedo for putting this little video together!)

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